Hi Jim,

Thank you for your concern, and I have discussed this issue with my supervisor. In your email, you’ve mentioned that ACE made a contract with us last year, however, on 4/21, we have received a copy of “contract” from you (please see attachment). I’ve noticed two problems regarding to this contract:

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Dear T.

Good afternoon. 

Thank you for the email. We truly appreciate your business. Regarding to your purchase order no. 359849 (CSTP), I have to inform you that the goods has been shipped this morning. However, since you requested a new shipping mark and GHS label, we will have to recall the shippment and replace all the labels on every single bag of your order. Please be noticed that once the goods are shipped, if there is any modification or correction needed to be done due to your late request, the extra cost will be charged to your account. As for this time, the extra costs are listed as following: 

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Hi Mr. M,
Happy New Year 2017! It’s so good to hear from you.

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Dear Mr. K
Good morning,

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Dear Mr. Lee

Good news!!! We are able to reschedule our factory producing process and the shipping schedule. Please see attached updated shipping advice.

Please be noticed that we can accept this change requirement only for this time. In the future, once the shipping advice has been confirmed, any further modification will be charged for extra fee. We hope you understand our difficulty. We truly appreciate your business.

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Dear Mr. Lee,

Regarding to your request of shipping date changes, I have to inform you that it might take some effort for me to discuss with our shipping supervisor. On July 27 you have confirmed that you prefer the ETA to be 1st week of September, so I have arranged the shipment, and our factory has already scheduled the producing process.

Please be noticed that we also have other on-going orders which needed to be shipped at the same period of time (August 19-26). So I will have to negotiate with our producing department in order to make the change happen. So may I remind you that once we have the confirmation of shipping advice, we normally will have to stick to the schedule. So please allow me some time, and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you for your understanding.

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Hi Nat,
It’s been a while since our last conversation. How have you been? It’s my pleasure to get in contact with you again. I have received the forward Email from Nick regarding to your order of AC200. First of all, we truly appreciate your business support for a long time, and we treat your company as a very important client. We have considered your request very seriously and wanted to work through all the difficulties with you. However, I have to apologize that we are not able to maintain the same payment term as before due to our company policy. Recently we have experienced a payment delay issue from one of our other clients, which we still unable to collect the payment till now. Therefore, our Board of Directors has announced that ALL of the exportation payment terms from August, 2016 need to be L/C or T/T in advance in order to avoid the risk of company lost. The decision has been made and we are not allowed to break company rules.

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