Dear Mrs. Lee,
Thank you for sharing the feedback from the customers. The current market prices and information you provided are very helpful to us. We understand your company is trying very hard to maintain the market share, and we know your situation is difficult especially with the AFTA rule. Please know that we would like to keep the business going as much as you do. In fact, we are in a difficult position as well. The cost of raw materials has been raised, and we were forced to adjust our price to cover the cost. However, in order to hold the market share and keep the sustainable development of business, we will make our best effort. We believe the prices we are offering below are very competitive:

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Dear Ben,
Thank you for being interested in our products. Unfortunately, we are very sorry to tell you that we no longer have this product of  PHM. Due to lack of customer orders and less profit on this product, our board of trustee decided to cancel this product.

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Dear Mr. SM Lim,

Good morning, We are sorry but we are not able to lower the price to USD 6.28/KG for 14MT of CHT2300. The reason is that the raw and auxiliary materials were purchased in the 1th & 2nd quarter, and the cost was very high. However, since you have been very supportive to us, we can maintain the same price of USD 7.69/KG in order to show our appreciation.

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Dear Mr. Jim,

Regarding to our phone conversation yesterday, you have turned down our offer, which means my last offer is off the table. We are sorry that you have to give up this order. Please know that we have done our best to help the situation.

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Hi Jim,

Thank you for your concern, and I have discussed this issue with my supervisor. In your email, you’ve mentioned that ACE made a contract with us last year, however, on 4/21, we have received a copy of “contract” from you (please see attachment). I’ve noticed two problems regarding to this contract:

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Dear T.

Good afternoon. 

Thank you for the email. We truly appreciate your business. Regarding to your purchase order no. 359849 (CSTP), I have to inform you that the goods has been shipped this morning. However, since you requested a new shipping mark and GHS label, we will have to recall the shippment and replace all the labels on every single bag of your order. Please be noticed that once the goods are shipped, if there is any modification or correction needed to be done due to your late request, the extra cost will be charged to your account. As for this time, the extra costs are listed as following: 

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Hi Mr. M,
Happy New Year 2017! It’s so good to hear from you.

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Dear Mr. K
Good morning,

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