Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delay of replying your email. I am currently on vacation leave and will be back to the office next Monday.

Regarding to the issue of DEF Lot: 22236, we had a conference with our  consultant, and he advised that the yellowing situation may be caused by overheated. May we ask what your client's processing temperature is?

We are also in the process of consulting with our  material supplier. May we send you a new sample for you to test? Next Thursday we will have DEF re-produced with new material from our supplier. If you agree, we will arrange the sample shipment. After testing, if the quality meets your client's needs, we can arrange the exchange of goods and the shipping cost is on us. Moreover, on June  26   you have asked questions about TEN-20   and TEH-50R, we can send both samples along with DEF sample for your test.

In addition, due to global warming, the weather is extremely hot this year, and it may cause the room temperature a bit high for DEF, therefore we suggest storing our product in a cooler area, and do not exposed it to the sun or any heat source. And we recommend you to finish using our product within one year.

We truly hope this would help. If you have any question, please dont hesitate to contact us. Thank you.



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