Hi Jim,

Thank you for your concern, and I have discussed this issue with my supervisor. In your email, you’ve mentioned that ACE made a contract with us last year, however, on 4/21, we have received a copy of “contract” from you (please see attachment). I’ve noticed two problems regarding to this contract:

1. This contract is not valid due to the fact that there is no authorized signature from our company (on page 3). Moreover, on page 2, it states “If Seller agrees to the foregoing terms and conditions, Seller shall acknowledge such agreement by signing and returning an original copy of this Contract within ten(10) days(“Confirmation Period”) from receipt of this Contract.” That means this contract is not valid without Seller’s signature.

2. For the quantity, the contract shows “Ten percent (10%) more or less on quantity is acceptable,” which means, the total amount of your order shall no less than 99,450 kg, if this contract is valid. (On page 1). But since this contract is not valid, I guess this is not an issue.

Please know that as much as we want to continue business with you, the current market environment does not allow us to agree on the old price. But we understand your situation, so after confirming with my supervisor, we agree to make a one-time only offer. We are willing to lower the price to $3.20, with the quantity of 9600kg. No Commission. Please understand that we aim to help solving this problem, and this is really the best we can do. If you agree on this price, we will arrange the shipping ASAP.



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