Dear James:

Thank you for being interested in our MST 265. We truly appreciate your offer; however, the price you requested was actually way too low, which can not cover our cost. As you may know, currently the cost of raw materials has been high, and we barely make a little profit on selling. But since your company has been very supportive and we both have good business relationship with each other, we are willing to work this out. We will reduce the price to US$8.82/kg from US$9.09/kg (15 MT in 40' FCL). We believe the price we are offering is very competitive. 

Please know that we are not making any profit on above price. This is our best offer just to open up and develop the new market. We hope you could understand our difficulty and continue giving us your support. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

Sincerely yours,
K. Lin

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