Dear T.

Good afternoon. 

Thank you for the email. We truly appreciate your business. Regarding to your purchase order no. 359849 (CSTP), I have to inform you that the goods has been shipped this morning. However, since you requested a new shipping mark and GHS label, we will have to recall the shippment and replace all the labels on every single bag of your order. Please be noticed that once the goods are shipped, if there is any modification or correction needed to be done due to your late request, the extra cost will be charged to your account. As for this time, the extra costs are listed as following: 
1.      The transportation fee (USD 250 )
2.      The custom and document fee for shipping date changed (USD 130)
3.      The fee for delaying the container (USD 65)
4.      The reprocessing fee of labeling (USD 600)

We will wave the processing fee (USD 600) for this time. So the total amount for this time is USD 445, which will be deducted from your commission.

In the future, please provide us the confirmed shipping mark and GHS label before the transportation date. It has to be at least one week ahead. In addition, all of the GHS labels and shipping Mark need to be in English because Taiwan customs do not understand Korean. It might cause any unnecessary misunderstanding. Thank you for your cooperation.

The updated shipping schedule for order no. 359849 (CSTP) Closing date :  Jul.01. 2016
ETD:         Jul.03. 2016
ETA :         Jul.09. 2016

Attached are the shipping mark and GHS labels again. 

Please confirm above information by replying to this email ASAP in order to do the further work. 
Thank you.



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