Dear Mrs. Lee,
Thank you for sharing the feedback from the customers. The current market prices and information you provided are very helpful to us. We understand your company is trying very hard to maintain the market share, and we know your situation is difficult especially with the AFTA rule. Please know that we would like to keep the business going as much as you do. In fact, we are in a difficult position as well. The cost of raw materials has been raised, and we were forced to adjust our price to cover the cost. However, in order to hold the market share and keep the sustainable development of business, we will make our best effort. We believe the prices we are offering below are very competitive:
JCHP @ USD 1.56/kg
MOPP @ USD 1.89/kg 
MGH @ USD 2.48/kg
Please notice that the MOPP is a special specification made for south-east Asia market. The product quality is in second level, which is generally good enough for this market. 
Regarding to your question of the difference in terms of product quality, here are features of our products:
1.  Our products are PL certified which is authorized by Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association.
2.  Our products do not contain any heavy metal material.
3.  Our products are heat resistant, transparent and non-toxic.
4.  Our quality is highly stable, which can enhance the production efficiency.
5.  We hold the top spot in this market.
Please know that we are not making any profit on above price. This is our best offer to work with the current market situation. We hope you could understand our difficulty and continue giving us your support. We will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.
Also, we would like to provide you some sample of MOPP and MGH for your test. Please let me know where I should ship to.
Sincerely yours,


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