Thank you for helping on the issue of OOO’s payment for goods. Although Mr. Chung has orally guaranteed, we still notice that your company has no actual right to deduct any payment from OOO.

The issue was caused by that OOO has broken the agreement; therefore we have discussed with our Taiwan Branch and have made a decision of not shipping the goods until we receive the full payment.

Regarding to the comment made by OOO, which indicates that XXX might not ship the goods to OOO if OOO had made the full payment ahead of time, this is completely not true. We would like to emphasize that in this industry our company has good reputation on honor the agreement. XXX has never been late on any payment of goods. We have always made sure to pay on time with the proper payment notice. This is our professional attitude toward company honest. Therefore our clients do not have a doubt on whether we are going to ship their goods in time or not if they have made the full payment. We are very sorry that OOO has broken the agreement without any regret. A big company like this, we would expect more honest and professional. However, it’s not the first time that they have done this. Unfortunately, we have to “threat” to stop the shipping in order to get the payment from OOO, and it would usually take 3 to 4 months before that (the payment) had ever happened. We have no idea why they do not seem this as a big problem. The reputation is everything for a company, and a company should do everything it could to maintain it. That’s the basic idea of a successful business. What would OOO do if other company had done the same thing to them? We do not believe that OOO cannot afford the full payment as a big company like them. We truly hope that they can make the full payment in this time, and then we can discuss any further business. Thank you.

Mr. Lee
XXX Industries Co.



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