Sometimes I look at myself and think: “maybe I deserve to be alone (lonely) without any close friend.”
I have always wanted to have a sister, but that’s not gonna happen.
So I thought maybe I could have a BFF(best friend forever) instead.
However, at this point of my life, sadly I don’t have any “close sweet friend.” Well, or maybe I should say, most of my close friendships end up becoming “just an acquaintance” once I got too attached to them and started feeling comfortable with them and being myself in front of them. I guess I could be a jerk sometimes saying things that I thought I ought to say. Sometimes I even felt obligated to tell the “truth” when helping them face their life struggles. By that, I mean I have given too many opinions of “my” best solutions for their problems. I guess people don’t like to be told what to do, including myself. So I actually agree that I deserve it. Well, at least I am honest and not lying, I guess that’s one positive thought to myself. Cheers!

Response 1:
Rachel you will find a best friend. In life people come and go. There are times when we grow and what we need from a friend may change. I found my best friend when were both in our 40's. We had known each other when we were younger but became best friends years later. I think you have learned a very important factor about being a best friend already. Sometimes people just need to be heard and understood. A solution is there choice on what is best for them. Encouragement is a symbol of love and compassion with that being said a friend who listens and loves you no matter what decision you make is priceless. You are a wonderful person and anyone would be blessed to call you their Best Friend 💖

Response 2:
I wish that I would have known you longer in order to see that I side of you. I would love your truth bombs. I don't work well with people who choose to tell me what they think I want to hear.

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